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Rosie Seldon is a digital marketing professional and Google Trainer who has supported many different companies with their marketing . She now runs eWavelength Marketing Consultants. She worked extensively with financial services companies in the UK before moving to the Middle East She was part of the dot com boom before the millennium, launching many companies 'first websites' and digital offerings. She launched the first ever online fund supermarket into the UK. She then went on to work with many of the banks launching their first ever share trading, investments, insurance, mortgages and bank products online in a variety of marketing roles.


Two particularly notable roles in the UK; Rosie  spent 3 years working at HSBC responsible for heading up the digital strategy and customer experience teams. She then went on to Lloyds Bank, where she led mobile, website, and digital marketing initiatives as part of the Digital Transformation team.


Currently she runs eWavelength, providing marketing plans, training and high quality marketing consultants to companies across the UAE. When she is not with the eWavelength team she is travelling to far-flung places like Bulgaria, Europe and Ethiopia to  run Digital Brand Labs for Google and their clients.

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