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“Creating a new website in record time”


A high-profile, Dubai-based client asked us to help it launch its brand-new website with online ticketing capabilities.

Objective: to drive higher sales.

Here’s what we did.

Creating a new website is a team effort but Digital Qube has your back!

The Client:

A high-profile family leisure attraction located in Dubai.

The Brief:

Prior to our involvement in this project, the leisure company’s website was linked to the parent company’s own site. Digital Qube was tasked to help deliver a brand-new website for our client to dramatically increase the online purchasing numbers.

What We Achieved:

Working with the client’s in-house marketing team and an external tech company, we all worked together to deliver a well-designed, highly professional website with a new fully functioning ticketing system. It was delivered under pressure to tight deadlines. There were many parties involved so particular value was added by our technical manager who worked coordinated with all parties, overseeing the website content uploading process and guiding the project to completion. Following our training, our IT manager used strong project management techniques alongside his deep technical knowledge to not only guide all the teams but also support with IT coding, content uploading and testing. With a project of this complexity, the testing was particularly challenging and many ticketing software clitches had to be ironed out.

Building a new website requires input from different sources

How We Achieved Success:

Central to our approach was the creation of a strong team. We put together a high-quality team of professionals, including the technical manager, a content writer and an Arabic copywriter, to work alongside the client’s in-house marketing department.

The content writer’s brief was for SEO-rich, engaging content with a tone of voice to appeal to the client’s youthful, fun-loving clients (a mixture of families and young people). The site plan had already been worked out, so following discussions with the client’s team, the content writer then wrote the copy for each page, using information supplied from the original old website pages. The copy was requested – and delivered – at speed.

When it comes to drafting a website, Digital Qube’s specialist process adds significant value as managing 40+ pages takes strong organisational skills. Digital Qube creates a matrix, which greatly enhances working efficiency. A matrix is a document that breaks down individual pages of a website to make it easy for the technical team to upload relevant text in the right place (it also enables English content to be translated easily into Arabic, to avoid errors being made). The matrix includes all the text and links that appear on the website, from the main banner headline to the final ‘Your purchase was successful’ page.

The client’s Head of Marketing is an experienced, busy professional responsible for multiple projects within the wider parent company. It was therefore essential that our team meetings were kept brief and effective. Under the guidance of our project manager, a timeline was agreed in advance and deadlines met. The Head of Marketing’s priority was always online sales, driven by a strong User Experience. The website needed to convert visitors into purchasers as quickly and simply as possible – and in this, the website remains successful today.

Digital Qube can assist new clients on diverse digital projects – everything from planning your marketing strategy to training for your team. If you need a new website like the client above, or you want to enhance the content on your existing site, please get in touch.


WhatsApp or phone: +971 58 581 9733


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