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Terms & Conditions
Invoicing & Estimates

Quotes are based on information available at the time of briefing.


Quotes assume an efficient approval process e.g. client team views materials up to 2 times, then signs off. If requirements change after estimate approval, extra time and cost may be required to edit work to meet changing client needs. If the project goes beyond the times and dates specified, additional days will be charged.

Terms of the Agreement


The date of receipt of consent will be considered the start date of the Agreement and all timescales will be adjusted accordingly. Upon confirmation of the project, Digital Qube requires a signed LPO from the client. Or written approval from the finance or project team.




Printing costs are to be expensed to the client. Travel for specific events, or outside of the UAE will be charged for.


Termination of the Agreement


The agreement will continue until the completion of the services. Should either party terminate this agreement prior to the end of the term, you will pay to Digital Qube Digital Marketing Consultancy FZ-LLC all fees.


Notwithstanding the previous paragraph, if either party materially breaches any term of this Agreement, or such breach is not rectified within 7 days of receiving written notification, Digital Qube Marketing Consultancy FZ-LLC reserves the right to end the project immediately.


Additional Work


Additional ad hoc work can be provided at short notice at an hourly rate.


Quote assumes that project completes on the date agreed. If the project extends, extra costs may be incurred.


Hiring of Digital Qube Consultants


If after working with the team you would like to offer any of the team members a full-time role in the company or with any of your partners, then this can be proposed (25% of the contract value will be paid to Digital Qube).


Change in Scope


In order for Digital Qube Marketing Consultancy FZ-LLC to perform services for you in an effective and efficient manner, the client agrees to provide all information and documentation required. If information is not received in a timely manner, or if requirements change, then this may impact our ability to deliver within the agreed timescale. If necessary extra charges will be applied.


In order to reserve time for our clients, we book our consultants' time in advance. It is hard to allocate consultants to alternative projects at short notice therefore we ask that 30 days' notice is provided if resource requirements change.


Sign-off Processes


The client is responsible for all information published on their channels on their behalf.


The client is responsible for checking all information that is published is correct, and sign-off process must be outlined by the client e.g. Client is responsible for appointing one person to approve and check all items that go into the public domain in Arabic and English.

Clients are responsible for the accuracy of all content and meeting privacy and legal requirements in their country of operation.


Terms of Service for Video


  • The client understands that if filming permits are required, such permits are granted as per the authorities' discretion, and that responsibility rests with the client to obtain the permit unless otherwise agreed.


  • Upon receipt of the above-mentioned permit, we expect the project to take up to six (6) or eight (8) weeks. Filming will only commence upon receipt of the advance payment as per advance payment clause below.


  • The client grants Digital Qube and their partner companies the right to have a photographer present at the shoot to take ‘behind-the-scenes' photographs to use in any marketing materials.


  • The client acknowledges that upon completion of the project, Digital Qube and their partner companies will be allowed to showcase the completed project as part of their portfolio in any sales and marketing activities and material including but not limited to the website and social media pages. The company and their partners may enter into both local and international media awards. Photography from the shoot may be used in any marketing materials, including but not limited to print media such as brochures.


  • Any rushed material (i.e. footage not used by the client which does not appear in the final film) may be retained by Digital Qube and their partners for use at their discretion.


  • Mode of Payment: All payments are to be made in the currency of the United Arab Emirates, which is the Emirati Dirham. Also referred to as AED.




a) As Digital Qube and their partner book resources for projects, it is not possible to terminate after project confirmation, due to setup cost and hiring cost already incurred. Should the client wish to terminate, then Digital Qube and their partners will be entitled to all out of pocket expenses and the full value of the contract is still due.


  • This Proposal will be governed by the laws in force in the Emirate of Abu Dhabu, United Arab Emirates.


  • Any dispute arising from the interpretation or implementation of this Proposal will be settled amicably between the Parties, and any resolution reached will be put down in writing and be binding upon both Parties. Failing an amicable resolution within a reasonable period of time, the dispute may be referred to a competent court of law for a binding judgement.


  • Penalty for delayed Payment: Should client delay in making the final balance payment, once the project has been completed and approval given, then the client will be subject to pay a penalty equal to ten (10%) percent of the total budget for every week delay. Such a penalty will be compounded on a weekly basis until full payment has been made.


  • Costs do not  include Government imposed levies or taxes such as VAT.

  • Any stock footage will be charged at additional cost.

Digital Training Programmes:

  • The course duration is four calendar weeks. 28 days is a fixed timeframe. If public holidays fall within the four weeks, the training days will be rescheduled but work experience will not take place during the holiday days. For those residing outside of the UAE, two weeks' notice is required to reschedule training days in the event of public holidays.

  • The course comprises four half-day training sessions which will be held on a set day each week. 

  • It is suggested that you complete 12 hours of work experience each week to practice the techniques you have learned on your own company or on a DQ project. However, this is up to your discretion. 

  • In the event you miss a training session due to illness, training days cannot be rescheduled at short notice. 

  • For those completing the Talent Programme, in Abu Dhabi, you are invited to work in our office three days per week. It is recommended that you spend four hours in the office to complete work experience, however, you are welcome to stay longer if you wish to complete the work and gain more practice. Whilst training sessions are important, companies are looking for people with real life project experience who can prove they can deliver a project end-to-end.

  • For those using the training to launch or manage their own business, then we recommend you complete the activities each week remotely in your office. The trainer will then provide feedback on work completed. Two to three feedback sessions per week are included in the course fee but you can request more at the trainer's discretion and in line with their availability. You are also welcome to come and work in the offices.

  • To work for the company as one of our consultants, you will be required to pass a competency test and exam upon course completion. 

Payment Terms:

  • The course fee is non-refundable. 

  • The course cost covers the four set training days and follow-up sessions. 

  • The first payment should be processed at the time of booking. Subsequent payments should be received 10 days before the start of the next course. 

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