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Talent Management Overview


Top quality talent, deliver by C-level executives

Finding the top quality professionals that are going to drive real business results and fit into the culture can be a challenge. Having worked at the most senior level we have connections to the most exclusive talent from around the work. Our advisors have worked in Singapore, China, Australia, London and the UAE and through this experience they have built up invaluable knowledge about the industries they are working in. Holding positions such as CEO, Senior Advisor and CFO. The team can not only advise on who to hire, but also how to set up the teams, and the business operations.


The team have been working with the world's most respected brands such as HSBC and Google to identify the most sophisticated talent ready to make an immediate impact.

Our multi-disciplinary team can rapidly fill positions in:

  • Digital Transformation & Marketing

  • Data & Analytics

  • Financial Sevices & Accounting

  • Project Management

  • Marketing & Communications

We don't just send resumes - we take the time to understand your organizational culture and team dynamics to identify the very best fits.

Benefits of Partnering 

  • Build your team faster

  • Tell us your needs, and we'll leverage our extensive network to present you with ideal candidates within days - not weeks.

  • Access a new talent pool

  • We unlock a diverse range of active and passive candidates you may be missing in your existing pipeline.

  • Discover fresh perspectives and skill sets

  • We personally meet candidates to assess both their skills and cultural fit.

  • We understand the bigger picture

Finally you can connect with the most respected advisors in the region

We will use our 20+ years of experience to provide strategic counsel and direction



We identify how to optimize operations, team and performance


We provide talented professionals and digital transformation programmes to integrate digital technologies into all aspects of business operations. 


The key to our continued success with our clients is focusing on a collaborative approach, providing quality, efficient, on-the-ground, dedicated teams supporting projects and companies here in the UAE. 


Please download our brochure here

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