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Join our Talent Programme and up-skill for the digital age

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Why Digital Qube's Talent Programme?

Over the last 4 years, Digital Qube has helped many individuals return to work, often doubling or tripling their salaries along the way. By combining interactive training with work experience, this programme enables you to firmly establish yourself in the fast-growing digital world and develop in-demand marketing and digital skills. You’ll be learning new skills on a daily basis, attending interactive, theory-based workshops and then demonstrating this theory through real-life assignments.


Successful completion of the Talent Programme lends to a lifetime of career progression and opportunities. Whether you are shifting careers, planning a return to the workplace, or aspiring to become a successful entrepreneur, this programme will kick-start your personal career growth.


Gain UAE
work experience

Build in-demand
Digital Marketing skills

Learn global
best practices

Advance your


Digital Qube's Talent Programme comprises 8 modules, covering the fundamentals of digital marketing. You will benefit from learning up-to-date marketing skills and have the opportunity to put theory into practice. The programme is modular. Each module lasts 1 month. To really benefit, we recommend a minimum of 3-6 months training/ coaching experience, but you are also able to enrol in a particular module of interest to you!

 Programme overview

Based on Google Methodology, the Talent Programme was developed after working with Google Training Academy and 100s of clients across the world, with modules covering all aspects of digital marketing. This programme covers all types of marketing and digital projects. What’s special about it is the unique blend of theory and on-the-job, authentic task experience. The experience part is key – so if you’re wanting a career change, planning a return to the workplace or searching for UAE-based experience, this is for you. Brilliant marketing requires talent, but you first need to understand the fast-moving digital landscape in which successful businesses operate today. The Talent Programme is your way in.


Upon completing the programme (3 months), you will be able to progress in your career as you will have put theory into practice which translates to on-the-job experience. You are able to put this experience on your CV and talk about your experience in job interviews. As you are putting theory into practice, you will gain the confidence to deliver projects end-to-end independently. So whether you are shifting careers, returning to work following a career break, or looking to get onto the UAE career ladder, this programme is your way in!

What People Say

I feel that I have expanded my knowledge on digital marketing by two fold and that my confidence in abilities and knowledge more so. Would most definitely recommend."

Brannan New, Marketing Assistant, Instructor

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