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Apple Sets The Benchmark for Successful Holiday Marketing Strategy

Updated: Jan 3

How does tech giant Apple roll-out successful seasonal campaigns? Digital Qube investigates

Unwrapping the marketing magic!

For tech giant Apple, Dec was the 'season to be jolly… and jollier', as it closed out another year with a staggering $383.2 billion in revenue. One may credit Apple’s innovative technology and top-of-the-line product quality for its yearly success, and while that certainly is a factor, we can’t ignore how Apple does it all with its back-to-back marketing campaigns. 

So let's explore the 3 ways that Apple's holiday marketing strategy set the benchmark for successful seasonal campaigns.

1 >> Maximize the feelings of deeper connection, which holidays evoke

The holiday season is a conduit for deeper connection. Apple aims to foster a sense of community and togetherness, with short films that focus on empathy and creating positive relationships.

As a marketeer, you can: 

  • Prepare marketing campaigns aligned with the energy and unique spirit of each holiday season. 

  • Connect with your audience by showing them how to use your product to enhance the celebration.  

 A shot from Apple’s 2023 Holiday Film Ad

2 >> Win with emotional narratives, like Apple’s Fuzzy Feelings ad film

Apple has masterfully garnered global attention through its latest holiday ad campaign, "Fuzzy Feelings". The four-minute ad film is a departure from typical seasonal adverts, and highlights the brand's creative storytelling style.

With clever usage of stop-motion animation and live-action elements, the storyline focuses on a female office worker doubling as a stop-motion artist, intertwining her workplace dynamics with the whimsical animation she creates. Troubled by a snarky boss, we see the protagonist taking out her frustrations on her animated boss-like character by subjecting him to a series of disasters and mishaps.

As the narrative unfolds, the protagonist’s perspective shifts to becoming more empathetic, transforming her perception of the surly boss so that, as the film reaches its climax, we find her starting an initiative to create a positive relationship with him.

Fuzzy Feelings stands out as a refreshing, emotionally engaging ad, and is a prime example of how Apple merges technology and creativity, to create heartwarming narratives. 

Remember to: 

  • Showcase emotionally moving messages. By subtly nudging the viewers to explore different people's perspectives, the animation, Fuzzy Feelings imparts lessons in empathy and human connection which resonates. 

  • Don’t overdo your marketing efforts by aggressively promoting your products and services. In the Fuzzy Feelings ad film, Apple elegantly highlights the dynamic features of iPhones & MacBook by showing the protagonist using them for her creative pursuits.

A picture of Apple’s "Wonder Awaits" Campaign Billboard

3 >> Ingeniously transform billboards, like Apple’s “Wonder Awaits” campaign 

The year-end festive season is all about gifts, gifts and gifts – we’re all waiting for Santa to leave us crisp, white bags shining with an Apple logo. 

To celebrate the charm of its signature white bags, Apple's innovative “Wonder Awaits” campaign is ingeniously transforming billboards into white shopping bags, adorned with seasonal bows. 

These eye-catching billboards grace high-traffic zones worldwide, including vibrant cities like Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Boston, Munich and Paris. This unique initiative aims to evoke anticipation and desire, spotlighting how the iconic bag embodies a world of excitement.

Remember to:

  • Keep the visual identity of your content simple and minimal. By thinking out of the box (literally) and promoting its classic white shopping bag, Apple has managed to entice audiences with eye-catching billboards. 

  • Avoid underestimating traditional marketing avenues. The impact of billboard advertising still holds true today. With its multi-million digital-marketing campaigns, Apple still resorts to investing in billboard advertising, blending the online and offline mediums perfectly together, like the ingredients of a well cooked Christmas pudding.


At its core, Apple's mastery in holiday marketing goes beyond product promotion. The company excels at creating captivating experiences that strike a chord with consumers. Leveraging heartfelt narratives and showcasing how the product contributes to creating a strong holiday spirit, Apple not only captures the essence of the season but also sets a new benchmark for the art of holiday marketing.

Looking to power up your business with world-class marketing strategies in the new year? Get in touch with our digital gurus! 

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