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Women Empowerment Talent Programme Leads to Success

Updated: Jan 3

Digital Marketing Training programme empowers women. Leading to salary increases and ladies returning to work!

Inspired by the UN's mandate to help women worldwide, Digital Qube's Women Empowerment Talent Programme, has been established. Having already helped many women return to work, often doubling or tripling their salaries along the way, Digital Qube is hoping to create a ripple effect in society. Digital Qube has been running its Talent Programme for a number of years now, and although it's always had a mixture of male and female students, more than ever before the UN has been encouraging businesses worldwide to focus on providing opportunities for women. We are excited to be contributing to this world-wide initiative by Empowering women through training and work experience.

The programme has been developed by Digital Qube's CEO, an entrepreneur and Google Trainer, and professional corporate trainer Francesca Cross. Below, they give an outline of the training course, which is based in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

How does the Women Empowerment Talent Programme work?

The programme combines workshop-style training with work experience, to enable women to establish themselves in the fast-growing digital world by developing marketing and digital skills that are in demand.

It is modular, and ranges between three to six months in duration, depending on which modules you choose. The programme focuses on one module each month, and currently offers eight to ten different topics, which we believe provide the foundation of successful communications in today's digital world.

To date, the most popular modules tend to be:

  • Content & Copywriting (+ SEO)

  • Branding

  • Digital Marketing

  • Social Media

  • Paid Media

  • Website Usability

  • Creative Campaigns

  • Design

  • Videography

At the end of the module, participants have the necessary tools and framework – plus the confidence – to run that type of project independently. Given the high demand for these skills, they usually find a job quickly.

How many hours are involved?

Students spend around 10-20 per week. Each week follows the same timetable:

  • Day 1 involves a workshop, either face-to-face or online (3 hours) Plus a set of real life work-experience tasks

  • Day 2 involves independent task work (3-6 hours to this work).

  • Day 3 involves a feedback session with mentoring and coaching (1–2 hours).

  • Day 4 is allocated to independent task work (approximately 3 hours), the goal being to learn the frameworks independently. and put them into action on real life projects

The programme provides women with a life-time of career progression and opportunities wherever they are in their career path.

I'm interested. What should I do now?

The programme starts on the 1st of each month. This month we're kicking off with the design and branding modules. To find out more information, including fees, get in touch.

Final comment on women in UAE considering a career change?

One of the key drivers for the programme is to create a positive ripple effect within society, to really empower women to up-skill, to return to work or shift careers, and/or to achieve their own personal career goals. Each country faces its own challenges. In the UAE it is often difficult for some people to kick-start their careers here. Even if they have amazing work experience from another country, they may not have it in the UAE , or they want to work part time and so struggle to find a job. We want to change that, and we wish to partner with other companies to widen the impact!

If your company shares these values and is interested in delivering our pioneering programme for women across the UAE and the world, please get in touch!

WhatsApp or phone: +971 58 581 9733


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