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Your guide to the latest slang. No cap, we got you covered

Having trouble understanding what the latest generation is saying? Don't sweat it, Boomer, Digital Qube is here to help with our guide to the latest slang.
A word collage showing a selection of the latest teen slang

When your neighbour informs you that their friend "threw shade", or that something is "dead" or "sic" or "GOAT", and you have no clue what they mean, it's time to model that resilient positive mindset, and set about trying to learn their lingo.

Digital Qube is a digital marketing company based in UAE, so we know the value of being able to communicate. But what are the latest words roaming the social networks? Words and phrases that are widely impenetrable to the uninitiated! Beware – once they know you understand the latest slang, they'll likely invent or repurpose another word, or blend a different two together. It's time to be "Spilling tea"! We've got this.

Digital Qube's Guide to Social Slang

  • AF – We reckon you can guess this one. It stands for "as f**k". It's used to emphasise a statement, sort of swearing without swearing

  • Bae – Stands for "Before anyone else". A term of endearment for a partner or great friend

  • Basic – This is pretty straightforward, because it means what you might expect: boring or average

  • BF/GF – Boyfriend or girlfriend (note to the clueless; use when texting, not in conversation. Got ya?)

  • Cheugy – Eek, you don't want to be cheugy. It's out of date – or a person who is trying too hard

  • Cap – Used to describe something fake or a lie. "No cap" means, therefore, "no lie"

  • CEO – We like this one. To be the "CEO of XYZ" is to be brilliant at it

  • Dead – Something is so funny that the speaker has "died" of laughter

  • Emo – A person who is emotional or a drama queen

  • Extra – This one, even I can work out! It means "over the top" or "extreme"

  • Fam – Technically from "family", but used to describe a group of friends

  • Flewed – Meaning "flown out" (in an aircraft). It is reserved for the beautiful people, who are said to have "flewed out" (average people "fly out" so I'm told)

  • Fire – This one's not too difficult to work out. It means "hot", "amazing" or "on point" (see also "Lit" below)

  • Ghosted – No please don't! To be "ghosted" is to experience your communications being cut off to end your relationship

  • GOAT – We like this one: an acronym meaning "Greatest of All Time"

  • Gucci – A great boost for the Italian fashion house here. "Gucci" signifies "good" or "cool", or that something's going well

  • Hangry – An amalgamation of "hungry" and "angry", we've all been there! You feel cross when you are hungry

  • Hip – As in, "I'm hip". Bizarrely, it means you know something

  • Hits Different – Something that "hits different" is a lot better than normal

  • IYKYK – Another acronym. This stands for, "if you know, you know"

  • Lit – No, it's not lighting a fire, but, like, "amazing" or "ultra-exciting"

  • Low-Key – Added to a feeling or desire to downplay it (i.e. "I'm low-key freaking out")

  • Noob/n00b – Derived from the word "newbie", for a person who is bad at something or who doesn't know what they're doing

  • OK, Boomer – Inspired by the Baby Boomer generation, likely said in response to a person or an idea that feels old-fashioned

  • Salty – Not salty, but bitter (or possibly angry or agitated)

  • Shade – For some reason, "shade" is usually "thrown" (ie "She threw shade!"). To throw shade means to give someone a dirty look or say something critical

  • Sic/Sick – Another word that might cause offence if you aren't up to speed. It means "cool" or "sweet"

  • Snatched – It's pretty good to be described as "snatched", because it's used for something that looks good or fashionable. Here's hoping your friends use it when they describe you

  • Sus – Suspicious, shady, not to be trusted

  • Tea – "Sipping your tea", hey baby, you are minding your own business. But "Spilling tea" is altogether more exciting. Bring it on, you've got gossip to share

  • Thirsty – No, this is nothing to do with thirst. It's used to describe a person who is desperate or trying to get attention

  • Yeet – To throw something

  • YOLO – A great one, this, an acronym for "You Only Live Once". Beware: often used ironically

Digital Qube, we communicate in all lingos! Based in Abu Dhabi, our team of copywriters match your style in Arabic, American, British English and French. We got this!


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