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How do you make a brand launch impactful? Well. Enter Tom Cruise...

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

In preparation for the launch, Abu Dhabi Airport's Midfield Terminal, took centre stage in the latest Mission Impossible movie!

How do you make a brand launch impactful? Well? Enter Tom Cruise, slicing through the hustle and bustle of runway chaos. Taking huge strides, as he leaps across the “never seen before” Abu Dhabi Airport Midfield Terminal. And Tom Cruise's biggest ever stunt. ever, a high-altitude skydive. There you have it – a marketing stroke of genius, combining a stunning brand launch with one of the world's most famous' actors completing death-defying-stunts.

With a starring role, the “under-construction” terminal won screen time as a hotspot of action in the seventh instalment of Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning Part One. The million-dollar movie and its leading actor, Tom Cruise, pulled off the most Impossible Mission on the rooftop of Abu Dhabi’s brand-new and, never-been-seen-before Midfield Terminal.

As Abu Dhabi's Airport scene created anticipation for its up-and-coming launch, there are some valuable branding lessons that your business can glean from from Ethan Hunt’s exciting Abu Dhabi stint.

#1 First make it memorable

The soon-to-be-opened Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal (and the movie) made headlines with a “larger than life” stunt. The Top Gun actor surprised everyone by revealing a custom Mission: Impossible livery for an Etihad Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner. It’s hard to resist the impact of this kind of stunt.

>>What does this mean for your business?

In the world of marketing, launching a product is not merely a ceremony; it's a choreographed dance of anticipation and impact. Take inspiration from Mission Impossible. Create suspenseful campaigns that build anticipation for upcoming events. The movie ignites curiosity, driving anticipation for the up-and-coming unveiling of the new airport. If you've seen it in the movie, you'll want to visit!

#2 Be the star

Confession time: when Tom Cruise is on the screen, our attention hardly shifts away from him. So how could an under-construction Airport Terminal make its mark while sharing the screen with this mega star? Well, the answer was simple: it was presented in a way that stole the show.

This was achieved when the movie’s most thrilling and technically complex scenes were shot on the Terminal building’s 315-metre roof. The result is an iconic scene, shot in a dramatic landscape, combined with glamour, action and so much more!

>>What does this mean for your business?

Whether it's a product launch event or a new campaign, infuse an element of grandeur that commands the audience's focus and leaves them in awe, wanting more.

#3 Craft a captivating visual association

The awe-inspiring Midfield Terminal sets the stage for Mission Impossible's jaw-dropping sequences, mirroring a layer of visual splendour. The movie, released on 13th July, managed to give audiences a glimpse of its interiors in the most sophisticated way but with a theatrical oomph. Theatre and business come together.

>>What does this mean for your business?

Your business needs to be completely immersed in a backdrop that resonates with its brand identity. Whether it's a virtual space, a movie scene, or a unique physical space, make sure to back your business up with a strong visual association that catches people’s attention, inspires curiosity and leaves a lasting impression on your consumers and clients.

#4 Turn obstacles into opportunities

The seamless sequences of the movie with Midfield Terminal as the backdrop look quite iconic. Every move and shot looks on point, but funnily enough there’s more to this than meets the eye. Apparently, the site was under construction when the Mission Impossible team landed, which posed quite a challenge to the cast and crew. However, these obstacles were turned into opportunities. By weaving their creativity into the resources available, the team populated the terminal with purpose-built sets including an Etihad First Class Lounge.

>>What does this mean for your business?

Standing out in this cluttered world is challenging, but make your impossible mission, possible. With the right tools and strategies, even the most daunting brand launch can be executed.


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