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AI and Digital Marketing: what are the best and worst things?

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

The CEO of Digital Qube gives her take on AI in digital marketing. (Note to reader: this post was not generated by ChatGPT or with the assistance of any other chatbot ;-)

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have concerns about AI. The potential for using this technology in the wrong way is a real threat – I'm conjuring up terrifying images of out-of-control robots, fake voices (that sound identical to our own) and avatars that are so realistic, 25% of the population think they are real. But then again, I can see that there are some immediate and significant time-saving benefits. For digital marketeers, the best things about AI currently include creating images, videos and avatars, compiling information, copywriting and generating ideas.

But here's the thing. When it comes to the worst things, aside from the prospect of those out-of-control robots, the real fear is whether or not machines will take human jobs. For me, the answer is no – or not yet at any rate.

At the heart of it, AI is driven by algorithms, and algorithms can go wrong or, worse still, pick up the wrong information, inputs or data. Humans are still a vital checking point. There have been many examples of AI

misinterpreting data and ‘hallucinating’ (ie making things up). If you think how difficult it is for us, as interested and informed human readers, to pick a well-crafted fake-news item out from an otherwise authentic and reliable news source, then you'll also feel there’s lots of potential for error when it comes to AI’s interpretation of information. While we'd all love to leave the machines to do their 'learning independently', there is still a great need in my opinion for AI information to be checked rigorously.

Aside from 'sense checking', there's something else that humans currently do better than machines – creativity of thought!

I believe that although AI appears to have a boundless capacity for learning and data, we can still add value in terms of creative interpretation. We humans might not always behave with empathy or listen to our intuition, but qualities like these are still fundamentally human rather than 'algorithmic'. If digital marketing is ultimately about connecting with potential customers to drive growth, there's still a need for us to use our intuition and emotional intelligence with creativity to enhance or initiate those connections.

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