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5 Reasons To Outsource Your Marketing In UAE Now

If your business is in UAE, outsourcing your marketing team can make sense

Want to reach new customers? A skilled marketing team is a vital component of helping your business to grow, without the burden of extra staff on the payroll.

In this article, digital marketing consultant Emma Easter considers 5 reasons why bringing in the experts to boost your marketing function makes good business sense.

1. Stay out in front

If you’re a large or medium-sized company in the UAE, you probably already employ an in-house marketing manager, but they’re so busy running their day-to-day responsibilities that there’s not much time left for innovating and producing new ideas. With the digital marketing landscape changing so rapidly, it isn’t easy to keep up – how can you be certain that you’ll get your message in front of potential customers before your competitors?

Digital marketing agencies are at the forefront of the latest developments in marketing, and invest time and energy in developing innovative, customer-focused solutions which are rooted in current trends and new technologies. Hire an agency marketing expert to work alongside your in-house team for 1–2 days a week over the medium to long term, and you can benefit from their up-to-date knowledge and skills to revitalise and boost your existing campaigns, as well as generating exciting ideas for future projects.

2. Tap into talent

Digital marketing agencies can be exciting and fast-moving places to work, and often attract staff who have honed their skills in big business but are now looking for a more flexible working environment. In a transient place like the UAE, many of them will be well-travelled, and have experience of working in a variety of sectors and markets.

All of this means that clever companies can harness a range of talent and expertise that they may not otherwise easily access. One Digital Qube sales and marketing consultant explains why this works for her:

‘’It’s a win-win situation as far as I’m concerned. Working 1–2 days a week with the in-house marketing teams means I can get to know their customers and products really well, but I still get enough variety in my working week to keep me energised and motivated.’’

3. Save time and effort

As if harnessing a wealth of talent isn’t a compelling enough reason, outsourcing your marketing also allows smart companies to benefit from multiple marketing channels at a relatively reasonable cost; having access to a web designer, copywriter, social media pro and strategy expert without having to hire any of them full time or long term means it’s a relatively straightforward way to boost marketing presence. Normally when hiring agency staff on a project-by-project basis, it’d be necessary to research an agency, arrange proposals and pitches, and negotiate on price, all of which can waste valuable time. Digital Qube Managing Director, Rosie Seldon, says:

‘’When clients book us for a day, two days every week, it gives us the ability to respond quickly to changes in the marketplace. Our marketing experts can be there exactly when they’re most needed."

You can start being proactive instead of reactive. The fresh perspective your new temporary team members bring can breathe new life into your strategic planning, invigorate your current campaigns, and make constructive suggestions to shake up the status quo, all of which are highly valued in an industry which relies on ‘disruption’ to be effective.

4. Pain-free payroll

Big businesses going through downsizing or mergers and experiencing downward pressure on staffing costs will often use outsourcing for short-term projects, for a variety of reasons. By outsourcing to a contractor there is often no lengthy recruitment process to follow, meaning your new temporary team member can hit the ground running, fast. Contracting costs can be shown as a variable cost on the balance sheet, which is an attractive concept for companies who aren’t able to take on the fixed responsibility of an extra permanent team member. Finally, any worries about sick leave, holiday cover and end-of-service gratuities fall to the agency rather than the company.

5. Flexible solutions

Marketing campaigns are often designed to run in the short to medium term, and so it is good business sense to only hire staff when you need them. Many companies continue to feel that permanent recruitment is their only option – but the lack of flexibility this gives is something which deters medium-sized businesses from seeking the expertise they need to take their company to the next level. For smaller companies in particular, there may not be enough work to warrant hiring a full-time member of staff, so outsourcing for 1–2 days a week may be an option which could really make a difference.


Digital Qube is a marketing consultancy based in Abu Dhabi offering support with strategic marketing, digital marketing training and website and mobile design. For more information on outsourcing and to find out how the team can help you grow your business in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and UAE, get in touch.


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