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Why is eLearning more important than ever?

Digital Qube explains how digital training (in UAE and beyond) can benefit your business.

A report in April 2020 predicted that the compound annual growth rate of the eLearning market would grow globally at a staggering 14% between 2020 and 2025*. We're near the end of that period now, with the COVID-19 pandemic receding into the past, but the importance of digital remains front and centre for businesses looking and planning ahead.

We have seen companies like Zoom develop from a small brand that few people knew about to one that has attracted the attention of huge players such as Google (with its product Google Meet) and Microsoft (with its Teams), causing the giants to upscale and improve their own products. When it comes to growth, the power of digital is undisputed.

So why is eLearning so important now, and what are the benefits for a business of enrolling staff on robust, effective and successful eLearning programmes?

Improved Morale

Learning of any kind has associated mental benefits, but within the workplace, learning can also improve an individual's morale. A report in 2017 by CV Library in partnership with eCareers detailed a survey of 1,000 workers in the UK in which 43.7% said they were happy in their job, and 38.2% cited constantly learning new skills as the main factor behind this.

Learning new skills, whether face-to-face or online, improves the morale of a workforce.

The Growth in Digital

Now that businesses are moving even more of what they do online, and will continue to do so, there is an even greater need for more people to have digital skills and to be digitally literate. This is vital across all areas of a business. Most of the world's most successful brands are putting digital first in what they do. This means a greater use of digital tools, technology and processes and the need for more understanding, not only of how these should be deployed, but in the ways they should be deployed.


Digital enables communications globally. eLearning can now be delivered by someone anywhere to people in multiple locations. For example, training can be from the UK at 4.00am to people in Singapore as their day begins and to people in Atlanta in the US as their day ends. It can be delivered to people all over the US or to multiple countries in Europe, all at the same time.

People like the company of others so that we can discuss, share opinions, make plans, meet challenges. eLearning is a fantastic way to meet, engage and learn from experts around the world, expanding horizons and mindsets.

Rosie Seldon, MD of Digital Qube, supplies digital training in UAE and beyond


eLearning is highly cost-effective. For example, if training is needed for division heads across multiple countries in Europe, then the costs of flights, accommodation and venues can be huge. However, by delivering eLearning to people in their homes, there is no need for these costs. eLearning can also be done at scale with hundreds of people and with content of the highest quality. There can be a high level of interaction, activities, rich media, discussions and other elements to ensure that it is engaging, upbeat and something that inspires and motivates.


The benefits from eLearning and the value from it can be accurately measured in multiple ways. Whether it is up-skilling senior teams in digital transformation, or instructing marketing teams on the use of omni-channel marketing, by monitoring and measuring the improvement in performance and gathering feedback, a continuous process of company-wide improvement can be set in motion.

Elliot Masie, an educational technology expert and the person credited with coining the phrase "eLearning", summed it up well when he said, "We need to bring learning to people instead of people to learning." For forward-thinking businesses, eLearning is a fantastic, cost-effective tool to facilitate professional development, improve morale and increase productivity.

* Source: E-Learning Market – Global Outlook and Forecast 2020-2025, April 2020.

This article was updated in June 2023. The original article was written by Jeremy Spiller as part of our partnership with The Learning Doctors. For information about all our eLearning and digital training in UAE, contact Digital Qube.


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