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Digital Qube supports start-up founders from around the world

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Digital Qube was excited to work with founders from around the world as part of the UAE's strategy to grow the digital entrepreneurial economy

After meeting this amazing group of business leaders, we were delighted to be able to offer our expertise in the area of digital marketing strategy, KPI tracking and 'growth hacks' during a 1.5 day bootcamp. The group included an amazingly inspiring pool of talent.

"Together, we worked with them to help consolidate their marketing strategies'

During the bootcamp we looked at techniques such as "customer journey mapping" and getting into the "mindset of the customers". We also gave some tips on how to discover your customers' AH HA moment! Easier said than done. eg the moment the customer says Ah Ha. I MUST buy this product!!

We are a big believer that 'rapid workshops' where teams come together to brainstorm and form a company's strategy are the fastest way to success in this fast moving digital world.

=================================== To find out about our digital strategy sessions in the UAE, and virtually around the world including which courses are available, click here:

To hire a facilitator for your latest workshop or strategic programme or Academy, just call.

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